Bade Construction is a family owned construction services and development company with expertise in all phases of residential construction. We have a diverse portfolio which includes building single family, multi-family and commercial/mixed use projects.

Our professionals guide you through each phase of the development process: acquisition, design, budget and finance, city/county approvals, and construction. Often the biggest challenge in any development project is the entitlement process. Cities are constantly changing their requirements and conditions. However, with our professional staff, which includes an in-house attorney, we can provide the proper oversight necessary to manage any construction project efficiently and economically through the entitlement process and beyond. We also work with real estate professionals, designers, financial institutions, feng shui masters, and other experts to ensure that the project is marketable and profitable.

Bade Construction has weathered many downturns in the real estate market over the past 50 years. Our resolute, conservative business model has not only served us well, but also our investors.

With over 50 years in the business, Bade Construction has extensive experience as a general contractor. We advise clients through all stages of the planning process and diligently work with architects, engineers, financial institutions, governmental agencies, subcontractors and others so that the client’s experience is as stress-free as possible. Whether building a custom home or several rental units, we strive to provide competitive pricing without sacrificing the quality of construction. We work with licensed and insured professionals who are supervised by a superintendent assigned to your construction project. That superintendent is very hands-on and works with all of the subcontractors to make sure the work is done to the company’s high standards and pursuant to the building code. We have an excellent reputation with all government agencies with whom we have worked. The company’s president is also a Certified Green Professional by the National Association of Home Builders.